What’s wrong with this picture???

Well, there are a few things actually. As you can see, there are vertical weep holes in the brick work which are almost completely covered up by high soil and pavers. What you can’t see is that during my inspection of the subfloor there are bearers covering these vents from the inside. In addition, the metal vent has been installed upside down so any water that hits it will be directed into the subfloor.

This was done after another pest control company conducted an inspection and told my client to improve the ventilation under that house. What makes it worse is that my client actually paid for this job. This high cost, quick fix achieves absolutely nothing, except taking money from an unsuspecting and trusting client.

The fix???

The area around the vertical weep holes needs to be exposed, and boxed out. Then, either the weep holes need to be cleaned out or the brickwork cut out and a high flow vent installed. This is NOT a difficult repair job however we should point out to the home owner that choosing the right pest control company is critically important.

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