Crunch Pest Control is a leading pest management company located in the leafy outer suburbs of Melbourne. We tackle all pests large and small and operate under the premise that no pests are too hard to control.

Crunch Pest Control have built up a reputation as being a boutique specialist pest management company delivering the highest quality service available to clients on the market today.

Crunch Pest Control is dedicated to putting innovation and quality back into the Australian pest control market and is focused on only using the best formulated products for all of the work that we do.

The Crunch Pest Control Promise

Crunch Pest Control exist to provide the best and highest level of professional pest control solutions. The success of our business is due to a simple rule we follow: Do the best possible service for your clients and you will receive the best possible results. And that is our key to fulfilling our obligations to providing professional pest management solutions.

Crunch Pest Control technicians do not start a job thinking that the pesticides will do all the work. We do however work in a diligent, systematic fashion and tackle the problem at its root.

Crunch Pest Control engage in the servicing but not limited to, the following pests

A vast majority of pest managers undertake pest control in their daily work but not many of them undertake the work with the right attitude. Far too many simply “throw around a few baits” or “throw down some spray” and hurriedly move on to the next job thinking that they are fulfilling the terms of their pest control job with the client. They don’t have the necessary “killer instinct” which is mandatory and the reason why Crunch Pest Control have a reputation as experts in the field.