A vast majority of pest managers undertake rodent control in their daily work but not many of them undertake the work with the right attitude. Far too many simply “throw around a few baits” and hurriedly move on to the next job thinking that they are fulfilling the terms of their rodent job with the client. They don’t have the necessary “killer instinct” which is mandatory and the reason why Crunch Pest Control have a reputation as experts in the field.

All Australian rodents belong to the single family, Muridae. The three pest species belong to the subfamily, Murinae. It is not uncommon for native species such as bush rats and various species of mice to be found in people’s backyards, so it is imperative that Crunch Pest Control identify the animal’s species before undertaking a control programme. There are three pest rodents that Crunch Pest Control treat and are of the following:

Roof Rat

Rattus rattus (Roof Rat, Black Rat, Fruit Rat, Tree Rat, Ship Rat, Alexandrine Rat)

The roof rat is the smaller of the pest rats and is of slighter build. It has a more pointed snout, large prominent ears and a tail slightly longer than its body length. It normally live 9-18 months and may have 4-5 litters per year (each with 6-8 young). The young achieve sexual maturity at 3-4 months.

Norway Rat

Rattus norvegicus (Norway Rat, Brown Rat, Sewer Rat, Laboratory Rat)

The Norway Rat is the larger of the two pest rats and has a thickset body, blunt snout, small close-set ears and a tail slightly shorter than its body length. It normally lives 9-18 months and may have 5-6 litters per year (each with 8-10 young). The young achieve sexual maturity at 3-4 months which demonstrates their high reproductive potential.

House Mouse

Mus domesticus (or Mus Musculus or Mus Musculus Domesticus)

The House Mouse is small and has rather large ears, a pointed snout and a tail at least as long as its body length. House mice living indoors are usually a darkish grey colour, with lighter grey on the belly, while those living outdoors tend to a more sandy or yellow-brown colouring. They tend to live for about one year and may have 6-10 litters per year (each with 5-6 young). The young achieve sexual maturity at about 6 weeks.

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Rodents are not particularly difficult to control and here at Crunch Pest Control we have the knowledge, patience, perseverance and the right tools for the job. We do not start a job thinking that the rodenticides will do all the work. We do however work in a diligent, systematic fashion, and tackle the problem at its root.

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