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At Crunch Pest Control we are leading experts in the domestic and commercial eradication and control of insects & rodents.

How can Crunch Pest Control help you?

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General Pest Treatments

A general pest treatment covers Ants, Cockroaches and Spiders. Firstly, we remove the accessible spider webs from around the exterior of your home via a chemically treated applicator. We will treat the roof void and subfloor space with a statically charged dust that clings to the surfaces of the areas exposed, making an unliveable environment for pests. We will inject the same dust into the service entry points and pest harbourage areas internally and externally, stopping pests from being able to enter from those areas.

The exterior of your home is then treated with the highest quality product available on the market today. We will treat the window frames, door frames, behind guttering and downpipes, eaves, perimeter. The interior of your home is also treated with a child and pet friendly product applied in areas exclusively where pests are gaining access, finding harbourage and generally hanging around.

Finally, a specifically formulated granulated sand is applied around the perimeter of your home and swept into any cracks and crevices in paths attached to your home.

Pest Identification

Please feel free to email us photographs, or contact us for advice on how to send us your sample.

We also provide current and accurate information on how to minimise your risk for further infestations in the future. Our approach is 100% professional and all of our clients will appreciate being treated to the very best services currently available.

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