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Sometimes during our inspections and treatments we discover high risk areas that may affect your personal safety or issues that could be conducive to further pest infestation. Therefore, we have included a list of our preferred specialists for you. Please be sure to mention Crunch Pest Control for our discounted rates.

Norik Constructions Pty Ltd

Kiron Barnden – Ph: 0422 271 750

Okay, so we’ve killed your termites and you’re wondering what to do about the damage? Call Kiron. Whether it be replacing some skirting boards or major structural works, Kiron is our one stop shop and does all of our repair work. His attention to detail and utmost professionalism in all areas is matched by none. We also exclusively recommend Kiron for any building and renovation requirements for anything outside of your pest control requirements. With fantastic pricing and prompt friendly service – Kiron will leave you knowing the job is done right. Like all of our specialists Kiron is fully licenced and insured.

Shawco Plumbing

Tyler Shaw-Johnston – Ph: 0421 798 405

Leaking plumbing can certainly be a major problem when it comes to termites and other timber pests. Areas of high risk include internal and external water leaks, downpipes that are not connected, leaking gutters, and hot water service overflow pipes. If we notice any of these issues, we will report them directly to you and advise you to contact Shawco Plumbing to rectify the problems. In addition, Shawco plumbing undertake a vast range of plumbing works including hot water service replacements, solar hot water and all other plumbing needs. Tyler and his team are very easy to work with and we use his company for all of our repair and maintenance work. Like all of our specialists Shawco Plumbing are fully licenced, insured, well presented, and reliable.

David McKee – Electrician

David McKee – Ph: 0439 638 776

Rodents can definitely be an issue when it comes to your electrical safety. We often encounter wiring in roof voids that has been chewed by rodents. Although we will report any findings to you directly, you are still encouraged to call David to complete any electrical repairs. You will find David to be friendly, reliable, well presented, informative, and extremely professional. All of this and more at an excellent competitive rate. He comes highly recommended by us for all of our repair work.

The Food Act 1984

The Food Act 1984 Standard 3.2.2 Clause (24) States that “Food Premises are kept free from animals and pests with the exception of assistance animals.” Below, we have provided a link which includes current information of food premises who have breached the Food Act 1984 and the reasons why.

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