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Crunch Pest Control chose exclusively use Sundew Solutions products for ALL of our clients general pest treatments.  Our decision to support Sundew is based on a number of reasons very important to our clients:

  • Sundew is a family owned 100% Australian business
  • Sundew manufactures its products either locally in Australia or New Zealand to world class standards
  • Sundew strongly believes in supporting Australian business as much as is practically possible contracting local research laboratories, local packaging and printing as well as local manufacturing facilities.
  • Sundew supports local family businesses in procuring its raw materials used in its products produced.

For example Australia’s number one selling insect dusting powder – StarrdustPRO is a world first product incorporating a very safe insect growth regulator to break the growth cycle.  As well as having a knockdown additive, the unique insect growth regulator ingredient prevents insects (such as cockroaches), once they hatch from eggs from being able to grow into adults.  StarrdustPRO was invented by Sundew and is the only one of its type globally.  The product is manufactured in Victoria by a family owned business.  The buckets the product is packed in are injection moulded in Braeside in Victoria by a family owned business.  The printed labels that go onto the buckets are printed by a family business based in Croydon Victoria.  The talc used in the production of the dusting powder comes from mines in South Australia.  The scoop inside the buckets is injection moulded by a family business in Braeside using Australian recycled plastic.

Another example is Australia’s number one selling ant granule product – SAS PRO.  This was the first granular product incorporating a non-detectable ingredient that ants pick up on their bodies and unwittingly transfer back to their nests.  This results in total colony elimination.  The quartz granule used in the product is sourced from mines in West Australia.  The buckets are injection moulded by a family business in Braeside.  The labels are printed by a family business in Croydon.  The product is manufactured by a family business in Bayswater.

Sundew supports local business and innovation at every step.


Crunch Pest Control exclusively use rodenticides with the active constituent of Brodifacoum. Brodifacoum is the strongest, single-feeding anticoagulant on the market today. It is effective in controlling both rats and mice. The blocks Crunch Pest Control use are made with more than 16 human food-grade ingredients for a flavour rats and mice can’t resist. They are also highly weatherable. The multiple edges on the individual blocks also appeal to a rodent’s desire to gnaw. And as a safety measure all internal, subfloor and external applications are housed inside locked plastic tamper resistant rodent stations. This ensures that no little fingers, or non-target animals have access to the rodenticides inside.

IMPORTANT – Most pest control operators often only use cardboard boxes or a combination of cardboard boxes and plastic boxes. At Crunch Pest Control we only use locked plastic tamper resistant rodent stations (TRRS).


Crunch Pest Control use baiting and monitoring as our preferred method of termite management. There has been a lot of discussion regarding baiting vs spraying and research into non-repellent Fipronil based spraying has proved that the ‘transfer effect’ at best occurs over a maximum of six meters (which is very concerning for the home-owner if the nest is further away than that). Termite baiting is the ONLY method of termite management that 100% Guarantees the Eradication of the termite colony. Where we find live (active) termites, we will locate one or more Above-Ground (A/G) stations and commence eradication of the termites in your home. Call Crunch Pest Control for more information.

All pests are not particularly difficult to control and here at Crunch Pest Control we have the knowledge, patience, perseverance and the right tools for the job. We do not start a job thinking that the insecticides, rodenticides and termiticides will do all the work. We do however work in a diligent, systematic fashion, and tackle the problem at its root.

Full warranties are applied to all treatments we provide.